Test of P tag after blockquote when emailed.

Some people … Here is the most important part of the article: “The only question is whether we are able to look reality in the […]

Yellen Cough 2

Test: Janet did it…

The Federal Reserve stayed at 0% interest rates for exactly seven years, to-the-day when Janet Yellen finally stopped dithering and increased rates a whopping 0.25%. […]

Dow Dec 18 2015 - The Dollar Vigilante

Test: US Stock Markets Pummeled …

The Dow plummeted 367 points on Friday in its biggest drop since September. Did you notice? Hope so. It was the biggest drop since September […]

YouTube Embed test

I fixed the newsletter sending code for non-free. If this works, I’ll do it for free and copy the fix to production. (Dave)

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